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Br. Adam S. Margetts Esq.

 Andalusia, ES.,  
"our children are our future."


At this time on the earth it seems there has never been more polarized opinions..

It seems there have never been more threats, whether it be climate change, the globalist agenda, economic recession etc.

It seems there has never been more fear, uncertainty, hostility towards fellow humans

Whether you believe this is being manufactured as a form of social engineering, or you feel that humanity has fucked up in general...

Either way.. It has never been more important to stay connected to the Eternal dimension, beyond the comings and goings of this world of form

In 100 years everyone you know will be dead.. One day the sun will swell up and swallow the earth.... And eventually this entire physical universe will collapse in on itself

All the things of this world are ephemeral.. Being too deeply mired and attached to the world leads to intense suffering.. This is the essence of so many spiritual teachings

Regular, committed spiritual practice leads to touching something beyond all these comings and goings

Peak spiritual experiences feel like waking up from a dream.. The intensity of the Love that is touched in these states feels 100000% more real than habitual perception

Taking inspired action from a place where you feel connected to the Eternal dimension is always going to be more effective than acting out of anger and desperation (I am not denying the validity of these emotions or the human need to grieve, at all)

We have seen many violent revolutions, and we always circled back to the same problems.. The people who overthrew corruption became the new tyrants

In my humble opinion, the only revolution that can have lasting impact, is a revolution of consciousness

And the only power that can successfully organize something as complex as a human society, is this Eternal Love which lies at the root of all Creation and which we can all access

It is my personal belief that everything that is unfolding on the earth during this time has been foretold in many ancient prophecies..

That we are collectively breaking down so that we can break through

That all of the old systems are totally outdated, and we need to see chaos and collapse before the new earth can emerge

That Mother Gaia is way more powerful than any of us can possibly imagine, that the earth always comes back to homeostasis, and that this vast being has agreed to support this evolutionary process of the human soul

That we need to work at a grassroots level, focusing on tending to our own consciousness and uplifting our communities

That we were born for these times and these challenges, and we can be fearless, knowing that we are Eternal souls having a human experience

That we are collectively learning so much, and that we have the capacity to create heaven on earth

That the light pouring onto the earth at this time is more intense than anything we have experienced here before

I love humanity immeasurably

Thank you for agreeing to be on the earth during this time of transition and immense challenge as we purge thousands of years of darkness, trauma and imbalance

You are a true warrior of the light and I deeply honor you

Namaste 🙏